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Food CaloriesType
Anzac biscuit Calories1940 KJBiscuit
Anzac biscuit - homemade Calories1901 KJBiscuit
Biscuit - With corn flakes Calories1716 KJBiscuit
Biscuit - With marshmallow chocolate-coated Calories1819 KJBiscuit
Brioche Calories1385 KJBiscuit
bun sweet - iced With fruit & nuts Calories1444 KJBiscuit
Bun sweet - iced, With apple Calories1122 KJBiscuit
Bun sweet - iced, With custard & nuts Calories1192 KJBiscuit
Bun sweet - iced, With fruit Calories1246 KJBiscuit
bun sweet - iced, With fruit & custard Calories1192 KJBiscuit
Bun sweet - uniced, With apple Calories1002 KJBiscuit
Bun sweet - uniced, With fruit & nuts Calories1318 KJBiscuit
Carob coated biscuit - fibre-increased Calories2080 KJBiscuit
Chocolate & nut cookie biscuit mix - dry Calories1712 KJBiscuit
Chocolate chip & nut biscuit Calories2060 KJBiscuit
Chocolate chip biscuit Calories2090 KJBiscuit
Chocolate chip biscuit - homemade Calories1858 KJBiscuit
Chocolate chip biscuit - wholemeal Calories2090 KJBiscuit
Chocolate chip cookie biscuit mix - dry Calories1672 KJBiscuit
Chocolate coated biscuit - with candy pieces Calories2046 KJBiscuit
Chocolate coated biscuit - with cereal pieces Calories1975 KJBiscuit
Chocolate dipped biscuit - one side Calories1985 KJBiscuit
Chocolate flavoured biscuit Calories1839 KJBiscuit
Coconut biscuit Calories1968 KJBiscuit
Cream filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories2121 KJBiscuit
Dry biscuit mix Calories1727 KJBiscuit
Fortune cookie Calories1889 KJBiscuit
Fruit & fibre biscuit Calories1960 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - homemade Calories2087 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - polyunsaturated, wholemeal Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - wholemeal Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit Calories1960 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - chocolate-dipped, one side Calories1903 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - homemade Calories1614 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - iced Calories2060 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - polyunsaturated, wholemeal Calories1578 KJBiscuit
Fruit filled biscuit Calories1578 KJBiscuit
Fruit filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1903 KJBiscuit
Ginger biscuit Calories1719 KJBiscuit
Iced biscuit Calories1759 KJBiscuit
Jam filled biscuit Calories1799 KJBiscuit
Jam filled biscuit - homemade Calories1726 KJBiscuit
Jelly filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1819 KJBiscuit
Macaroon biscuit Calories2000 KJBiscuit
Macaroon biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories2048 KJBiscuit
Natural brown rice cake Calories1536 KJBiscuit
Nut biscuit - chocolate-dipped, one side Calories2060 KJBiscuit
Oatmeal biscuit Calories1940 KJBiscuit
Oatmeal with chocolate biscuit Calories2041 KJBiscuit
Panettone italian-style sweet bread Calories1338 KJBiscuit
Pastry biscuit Calories2020 KJBiscuit
Pastry biscuit - cream-filled Calories2040 KJBiscuit
Plain biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1990 KJBiscuit
Plain biscuit - sweet, high fat Calories2070 KJBiscuit
Plain biscuit - sweet, homemade Calories1806 KJBiscuit
Plain biscuit - sweet, moderate fat Calories1889 KJBiscuit
Polyunsaturated biscuit - wholemeal Calories1940 KJBiscuit
Puffed rice cake Calories1536 KJBiscuit
Rice cake - With corn & buckwheat Calories1545 KJBiscuit
Rice cake - With corn & oats Calories1552 KJBiscuit
Rice cake - With corn & sesame Calories1567 KJBiscuit
Rice cracker Calories1829 KJBiscuit
Sandwich biscuit - cream- & jam-filled Calories2020 KJBiscuit
Sandwich biscuit - cream-filled Calories2040 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit Calories1884 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - cheese-flavoured Calories2020 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - crispbread, puffed & toasted Calories1648 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - crispbread, rye Calories1347 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - crispbread, wholemeal Calories1709 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - crispbread, wholemeal & sesame Calories1819 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - flaky Calories1849 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - flaky, fibre-increased Calories1756 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - flavoured Calories2070 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - high fat Calories2050 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - high fat, wholemeal Calories1937 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - medium fat Calories1799 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - medium fat, fibre-increased Calories1769 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - medium fat, sesame Calories1895 KJBiscuit
Savoury biscuit - water cracker Calories1719 KJBiscuit
Shortbread biscuit - chocolate-dipped, one side Calories2092 KJBiscuit
Shortbread biscuit - with butter Calories2070 KJBiscuit
Shortbread style biscuit Calories2070 KJBiscuit
Shortbread style biscuit - homemade Calories2114 KJBiscuit
Sponge finger biscuit Calories1518 KJBiscuit
Stick biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1990 KJBiscuit
Stollen Calories1338 KJBiscuit
Sugar or waffle cone Calories1671 KJBiscuit
Sweet biscuit Calories1992 KJBiscuit
Sweet bun - cream- & jam filled Calories1136 KJBiscuit
Sweet bun - iced Calories1285 KJBiscuit
Sweet bun - with fruit not apple, coconut iced Calories1354 KJBiscuit
Sweet bun - with fruit not apple, uniced Calories1146 KJBiscuit
Tartlet biscuit - fruit Calories1637 KJBiscuit
Tartlet biscuit - fruit, chocolate-coated base Calories1733 KJBiscuit
Wafer cone - or flat wafer, for ice cream Calories1558 KJBiscuit
Wafer layer biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories2204 KJBiscuit
Wafer layer biscuit - cream-filled Calories2191 KJBiscuit
Wafer roll biscuit - cream- & chocolate-filled Calories2204 KJBiscuit
Wheatmeal biscuit Calories1889 KJBiscuit
With marshmallow biscuit Calories1698 KJBiscuit
With nuts biscuit Calories2040 KJBiscuit
With nuts bun sweet - iced Calories1444 KJBiscuit
With rye rice cake Calories1542 KJBiscuit
Yeast based tea cake - homemade Calories1321 KJBiscuit
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