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Food CaloriesType
Bagel Calories1033 KJBread
Black bread Calories959 KJBread
Black bread - toasted Calories1065 KJBread
Bread Calories1068 KJBread
Bread & herb stuffing Calories978 KJBread
Bread & herb with minced meat stuffing Calories934 KJbread
Bread & herb with nut stuffing Calories872 KJBread
Bread roll Calories1116 KJBread
Chapatti bread Calories851 KJBread
Damper bread Calories1004 KJBread
Damper bread - toasted Calories1141 KJBread
Damper bread roll Calories1197 KJBread
Dried breadcrumbs Calories1487 KJBread
Flat bread - white Calories1149 KJBread
Flat bread - white, reduced salt Calories1149 KJBread
Flat bread - white, toasted Calories1385 KJBread
Flat bread - wholemeal Calories1059 KJBread
Flat bread - wholemeal, toasted Calories1276 KJBread
Fresh breadcrumbs - white Calories1547 KJBread
Gluten free bread Calories1167 KJBread
Gluten free bread - toasted Calories1405 KJBread
Hard bread stick Calories1552 KJBread
Homemade bread Calories1014 KJBread
Homemade bread - toasted Calories1222 KJBread
Homemade cornbread Calories1249 KJBread
Lavash bread Calories1131 KJBread
Lavash bread - white Calories1149 KJBread
Lavash bread - wholemeal Calories1059 KJBread
Matzo Calories1581 KJBread
Melba toast bread Calories1609 KJBread
Mixed grain bread Calories954 KJBread
Mixed grain bread - protein increased Calories1009 KJBread
Mixed grain bread - protein increased, toasted Calories1216 KJBread
Mixed grain bread - toasted Calories1178 KJBread
Mixed grain bread roll Calories1182 KJBread
Naan bread Calories1444 KJBread
Oatmeal bread - salt free, toasted Calories1146 KJBread
Pizza base bread - thick Calories1197 KJBread
Pizza base bread - thin Calories1197 KJBread
Pumpernickel bread Calories926 KJBread
Pumpernickel bread - toasted Calories1116 KJBread
Rye bread Calories950 KJBread
Rye bread - dark Calories991 KJBread
Rye bread - dark, toasted Calories1194 KJBread
Rye bread - light Calories1024 KJBread
Rye bread - light, toasted Calories1233 KJBread
Rye bread - toasted Calories1187 KJBread
Rye bread roll - light Calories1203 KJBread
Salt free bread - oatmeal Calories951 KJBread
Sour dough bread Calories1007 KJBread
Sour dough bread - toasted Calories1213 KJBread
Sour dough bread roll Calories1200 KJBread
Souvlaki bread Calories1149 KJBread
Toasted bagel Calories1211 KJBread
Toasted bread Calories1205 KJBread
White bread Calories1004 KJBread
White bread - calcium increased Calories1045 KJBread
White bread - calcium increased, toasted Calories1259 KJBread
White bread - fibre increased Calories975 KJBread
White bread - fibre increased, toasted Calories1175 KJBread
White bread - french stick or vienna Calories1197 KJBread
White bread - french stick or vienna, toasted Calories1330 KJBread
White bread - homemade Calories995 KJBread
White bread - homemade, toasted Calories1117 KJBread
White bread - italian Calories1004 KJBread
White bread - protein increased Calories1025 KJBread
White bread - protein increased, toasted Calories1226 KJBread
White bread - salt free, toasted Calories1195 KJBread
White bread - toasted Calories1244 KJBread
White bread roll Calories1197 KJBread
White bread roll - fibre increased Calories1162 KJBread
White bread roll - fortified Calories1204 KJBread
White bread roll - homemade Calories995 KJBread
White bread roll - homemade, toasted Calories1117 KJBread
White bread roll - toasted Calories1330 KJBread
Wholemeal bagel Calories1025 KJBread
Wholemeal bagel - toasted Calories1139 KJBread
Wholemeal bread Calories930 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - fibre increased Calories937 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - fibre increased, toasted Calories1126 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - homemade Calories950 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - homemade, toasted Calories1067 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - reduced salt Calories924 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - reduced salt, toasted Calories1113 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - toasted Calories1092 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - with grain Calories990 KJBread
Wholemeal bread - with grain, toasted Calories1193 KJBread
Wholemeal bread roll Calories1104 KJBread
Wholemeal bread roll - homemade Calories950 KJBread
Wholemeal bread roll - homemade,toasted Calories1067 KJBread
Wholemeal bread roll - toasted Calories1227 KJBread
Yeast free bread Calories1050 KJBread
Yeast free bread - toasted Calories1265 KJBread
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