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Food CaloriesType
Cooked bean sprout - fat added Calories184 KJVegetable
Cooked beef patty - meat only Calories859 KJBeef
Cooked beef patty - meat only , premium mince Calories811 KJBeef
Cooked beetroot Calories174 KJVegetable
Cooked beetroot - fat added Calories245 KJVegetable
Cooked black pudding Calories1316 KJOffal
Cooked broccoflower Calories98 KJVegetable
Cooked broccoflower - fat added Calories245 KJVegetable
Cooked broccoli - fat added Calories173 KJVegetable
Cooked broccoli - fat not added Calories106 KJVegetable
Cooked brussels sprout Calories109 KJVegetable
Cooked brussels sprout - fat added Calories188 KJVegetable
Cooked buckwheat groats Calories408 KJGrain
Cooked bulgur Calories363 KJGrain
Cooked cabbage Calories78 KJVegetable
Cooked cabbage - fat added Calories169 KJVegetable
Cooked carrot Calories117 KJVegetable
Cooked carrot - fat added Calories200 KJVegetable
Cooked carrot - glazed Calories259 KJVegetable
Cooked cassava Calories553 KJVegetable
Cooked cauliflower Calories82 KJVegetable
Cooked cauliflower - fat added Calories181 KJVegetable
Cooked cauliflower in cheese sauce - frozen Calories149 KJVegetable
Cooked celery Calories56 KJVegetable
Cooked celery - fat added Calories140 KJVegetable
Cooked chicken and vegetable patty Calories828 KJChicken
Cooked chicken burger patty Calories903 KJChicken
Cooked chicken fillet/tenderloinly crumbed Calories1275 KJChicken
Cooked chicken mini drum Calories1112 KJChicken
Cooked chicken nugget Calories1112 KJChicken
Cooked chicken parmigiana Calories1174 KJChicken
Cooked chicken stickly crumbed Calories1197 KJChicken
Cooked chicory Calories65 KJVegetable
Cooked choko Calories84 KJVegetable
Cooked choko - fat added Calories178 KJVegetable
Cooked clam Calories551 KJSeafood
Cooked corn Calories440 KJVegetable
Cooked corn - fat added Calories501 KJVegetable
Cooked couscous - fat added Calories356 KJGrain
Cooked couscous - no fat added Calories197 KJGrain
Cooked crab Calories255 KJSeafood
Cooked eggplant Calories92 KJVegetable
Cooked eggplant in tomato sauce Calories263 KJVegetable
Cooked emu Calories519 KJChicken
Cooked endive Calories51 KJVegetable
Cooked endive - fat added Calories153 KJVegetable
Cooked fish Calories627 KJFish
Cooked flounder Calories441 KJFish
Cooked from frozen corn Calories435 KJVegetable
Cooked from frozen corn - fat added Calories501 KJVegetable
Cooked from raw corn Calories435 KJVegetable
Cooked from raw corn - fat added Calories501 KJVegetable
Cooked from raw tuna Calories781 KJFish
Cooked garlic Calories431 KJVegetable
Cooked green leaf vegetable - at not added Calories108 KJVegetable
Cooked green leaf vegetable - fat added Calories192 KJVegetable
Cooked hamburger patty - frozen Calories1097 KJBeef
Cooked hamburger patty meat only Calories1097 KJBeef
Cooked kale Calories82 KJVegetable
Cooked kangaroo Calories579 KJMeat
Cooked kangaroo - fat not added Calories615 KJMeat
Cooked kingfish Calories566 KJFish
Cooked kohlrabi Calories153 KJVegetable
Cooked lamb patty meat only Calories878 KJLamb
Cooked leek Calories111 KJVegetable
Cooked leek - fat added Calories189 KJVegetable
Cooked lettuce Calories283 KJVegetable
Cooked lobster Calories409 KJSeafood
Cooked marrow Calories80 KJVegetable
Cooked marrow - fat added Calories141 KJVegetable
Cooked meat Calories844 KJBeef
Cooked meat patty meat only Calories923 KJBeef
Cooked millet Calories492 KJGrain
Cooked mussel Calories567 KJSeafood
Cooked oats Calories203 KJcereal
Cooked oats - fat added Calories221 KJcereal
Cooked oats - fat not added Calories203 KJcereal
Cooked oats - instant Calories203 KJcereal
Cooked oats - instant with honey Calories214 KJcereal
Cooked oats - instant, fat added Calories221 KJcereal
Cooked oats - quick, fat added Calories221 KJcereal
Cooked oats - quick, fat not added Calories203 KJcereal
Cooked octopus Calories518 KJSeafood
Cooked okra Calories94 KJVegetable
Cooked okra - fat added Calories162 KJVegetable
Cooked or canned bamboo shoot Calories33 KJVegetable
Cooked or canned mushroom Calories154 KJVegetable
Cooked or canned vine leaf Calories73 KJVegetable
Cooked oyster Calories522 KJSeafood
Cooked parsley Calories50 KJVegetable
Cooked parsnip Calories212 KJVegetable
Cooked parsnip - fat added Calories281 KJVegetable
Cooked pasta Calories499 KJPasta
Cooked pasta - fat added Calories576 KJPasta
Cooked peas and corn - frozen Calories275 KJVegetable
Cooked pork and veal patty meat only Calories800 KJPork
Cooked pork patty meat only Calories806 KJPork
Cooked potato - with cheese Calories590 KJVegetable
Cooked potato gem Calories1035 KJVegetable
Cooked prawn Calories413 KJSeafood
Cooked quail Calories830 KJChicken
Cooked rice Calories533 KJRice
Cooked root & sim brassica veg - no fat added Calories157 KJVegetable
Cooked salmon Calories744 KJFish
Cooked scallop Calories434 KJSeafood
Cooked scampi Calories380 KJSeafood
Cooked semolina Calories146 KJcereal
Cooked semolina - made with milk Calories340 KJcereal
Cooked shallot Calories101 KJVegetable
Cooked shallot - fat added Calories160 KJVegetable
Cooked silverbeet Calories62 KJVegetable
Cooked silverbeet - fat added Calories176 KJVegetable
Cooked snapper Calories671 KJFish
Cooked snowpea pea pod Calories184 KJVegetable
Cooked snowpea pea pod - fat added Calories259 KJVegetable
Cooked swede Calories87 KJVegetable
Cooked swede - fat added Calories158 KJVegetable
Cooked tomato Calories68 KJVegetable
Cooked trevally Calories677 KJFish
Cooked tripe Calories350 KJOffal
Cooked trout Calories601 KJFish
Cooked turnip Calories89 KJVegetable
Cooked turnip - fat added Calories145 KJVegetable
Cooked vegetable - fat added Calories241 KJVegetable
Cooked vegetables in peanut sauce Calories959 KJVegetable
Cooked vegetables in thai sauce - frozen Calories142 KJVegetable
Cooked vegetables in white sauce - frozen Calories230 KJVegetable
Cooked watercress Calories342 KJVegetable
Cooked whiting Calories444 KJFish
Cooked with milk cornmeal Calories408 KJGrain
Cooked with water cornmeal Calories173 KJGrain
Cooked with water cornmeal - fat added Calories272 KJGrain
Cooked yabbie Calories423 KJSeafood
Cooked zucchini Calories68 KJVegetable
Cooked zucchini - fat added Calories136 KJVegetable
Cooked zucchini in tomato sauce Calories208 KJVegetable
Cooked/canned capsicum - fat added Calories179 KJVegetable
Cooking margarine Calories2995 KJMargarine
Copha Calories3719 KJOil
Coral trout - floured, fried Calories732 KJFish
Coral trout - raw Calories385 KJFish
Coral trout - steamed or poached Calories461 KJFish
Cordial base Calories559 KJCordial
Corn Calories397 KJVegetable
Corn based pasta - cooked Calories467 KJPasta
Corn cereal flake - med sug Calories1570 KJcereal
Corn cereal flake - nut, hi sug, b, c vits, iron Calories1551 KJcereal
Corn cereal puffed Calories1570 KJcereal
Corn chip - all flavours Calories2090 KJSnack food
Corn chip - light Calories1876 KJSnack food
Corn chip - unsalted Calories2090 KJSnack food
Corn fritter Calories630 KJVegetable
Corn include maize oil oil Calories3719 KJOil
Corn relish Calories524 KJPickle
Corn syrup - light or dark Calories1270 KJSugars
Corn taco shell Calories1890 KJTortilla
Corn tortilla Calories1329 KJTortilla
Corned beef Calories545 KJBeef
Cornflour flour Calories1445 KJPowders
Cornish pastie - family size Calories1045 KJPastries
Cornish pastie - individual size Calories1078 KJPastries
Cornish pastie - individual size, homemade Calories984 KJPastries
Cornish pastie - party size Calories1147 KJPastries
Cos lettuce Calories65 KJVegetable
Cottage cheese Calories433 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - creamed Calories512 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - creamed, with vegetables Calories490 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - low fat Calories378 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - low fat, creamed Calories414 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - low fat, salt reduced Calories436 KJCheese
Cottage cheese - low fat, with vegetables Calories361 KJCheese
Cottonseed oil Calories3719 KJOil
Cough lolly with added vitamin c Calories1588 KJConfectionery
Cows milk protein reconstituted infant form Calories268 KJBaby Food
Cracker barrel cheese Calories1414 KJCheese
Cracker barrell cheese Calories1697 KJCheese
Crackling pork - cooked Calories2291 KJPork
Cranberry sauce Calories646 KJSauce
Cream & jam filled doughnut - sugar-coated, yeast Calories1371 KJBatters
Cream & jam filled doughnut - yeast type Calories1358 KJBatters
Cream - Rich fat > 48% Calories1990 KJCream
Cream - Sour fat > 35% Calories1568 KJCream
Cream based liqueur - coffee flavour Calories1370 KJAlcohol
Cream based liqueur - other flavours Calories1387 KJAlcohol
Cream based pasta & sauce mix - dry Calories1484 KJPasta
Cream based simmer sauce Calories491 KJSauce
Cream cheese Calories1468 KJCheese
Cream cheese - reduced fat Calories807 KJCheese
Cream cheese based cheese spread - reduced fat Calories1189 KJCheese
Cream cheese based dip Calories1055 KJCheese
Cream cheese based dip - homemade Calories1259 KJCheese
Cream cheese based dip - reduced fat Calories685 KJCheese
Cream cheese icing Calories1375 KJPreserves
Cream cheese or neufchatel based cheese spread Calories1447 KJCheese
Cream filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories2121 KJBiscuit
Cream filled doughnut - yeast type Calories1414 KJBatters
Cream filled meringue Calories1524 KJSugars
Cream filled pavlova Calories1530 KJSugars
Cream sauce - homemade Calories648 KJSauce
Cream seafood pasta sauce mix - dry mix Calories1528 KJPowders
Cream style corn - canned Calories341 KJVegetable
Cream style not mayo dressing Calories1391 KJSalad dressing
Cream style not mayo dressing - reduced fat Calories557 KJSalad dressing
Cream style pasta sauce Calories820 KJSauce
Cream style pasta sauce - dry mix, with added fat Calories569 KJSauce
Cream style pasta sauce - with ham/ bacon Calories568 KJSauce
Cream style pasta sauce - with mushroom Calories436 KJSauce
Cream style pasta sauce - with mushroom & bacon Calories463 KJSauce
Cream topped ice cream cake Calories832 KJIce cream
Cream type filling pie - bottom crust, iced, patt Calories1923 KJPie
Creamed soup Calories196 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken Calories201 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken, canned condensed Calories153 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken, canned, ready to serve Calories201 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken, fr instant dry mix Calories135 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken, homemade Calories411 KJSoup
Creamed soup - chicken, red salt, fr mix, reconst Calories144 KJSoup
Creamed soup - eg, high a, can condensed Calories187 KJSoup
Creamed soup - eg, low a, can condensed Calories187 KJSoup
Creamed soup - seafood, fr canned condensed Calories289 KJSoup
Creamed soup - tomato Calories241 KJSoup
Creamed soup - tomato, canned, ready to serve Calories231 KJSoup
Creamed soup - tomato, homemade Calories245 KJSoup
Creamed soup - veg, high a,fr canned condensed Calories251 KJSoup
Creamed soup - veg, low a, fr canned condensed Calories251 KJSoup
Creamed soup - veg, low a,fr canned condensed Calories123 KJSoup
Creamed soup - vegetable Calories173 KJSoup
Creamed soup - vegetable, canned, ready to serve Calories147 KJSoup
Creamed soup - vegetable, dry mix, reconst Calories148 KJSoup
Creamed soup - vegetable, homemade Calories385 KJSoup
Creamed soup mix - chicken, instant dry mix Calories1477 KJSoup
Creamed soup mix - chicken, reduced salt, instant Calories1477 KJSoup
Creamed soup mix - seafood, instant dry mix Calories1477 KJSoup
Creamed soup mix - vegetable, instant dry mix Calories1478 KJSoup
Creamed ssoup - seafood, fr canned condensed Calories229 KJSoup
Creme caramel Calories263 KJDairy
Crepe & pikelet mix pancake - plain, dry Calories1780 KJPancake
Cress Calories67 KJVegetable
Crisp skin chicken - chinese style Calories1004 KJChicken
Croutons Calories2066 KJRoll
Crumbed banana - fried Calories1255 KJFruit
Crumbed barramundi - fried Calories754 KJFish
Crumbed barramundi - fried, homemade Calories1017 KJFish
Crumbed beef patty - fried Calories1177 KJBeef
Crumbed blue grenadier - fried Calories594 KJFish
Crumbed blue grenadier - fried, homemade Calories825 KJFish
Crumbed bream - fried Calories960 KJFish
Crumbed bream - fried, homemade Calories1197 KJFish
Crumbed calamari - baked from frozen Calories1166 KJSeafood
Crumbed calamari - fried Calories1166 KJSeafood
Crumbed calamari - fried, homemade Calories970 KJSeafood
Crumbed cod - fried Calories511 KJFish
Crumbed cod - fried, homemade Calories952 KJFish
Crumbed dory - baked from frozen Calories972 KJFish
Crumbed fish - baked from frozen Calories972 KJFish
Crumbed fish - fried Calories637 KJFish
Crumbed fish - fried, homemade Calories1038 KJFish
Crumbed fish cake or patty - baked from frozen Calories980 KJFish
Crumbed fish cake or patty - fried, comm Calories1156 KJFish
Crumbed fish with cream layer - baked from frozen Calories940 KJFish
Crumbed flathead - fried Calories617 KJFish
Crumbed flathead - fried, homemade Calories880 KJFish
Crumbed flounder - fried Calories575 KJFish
Crumbed frankfurt or hot dog - fried Calories1287 KJSausage
Crumbed gemfish - fried, homemade Calories1181 KJFish
Crumbed kingfish - fried, homemade Calories1018 KJFish
Crumbed mullet - fried, homemade Calories1188 KJFish
Crumbed pineapple - fried Calories1198 KJFruit
Crumbed pork patty - cooked Calories1140 KJPork
Crumbed potato & meat patty - fried Calories721 KJVegetable
Crumbed prawn - fried Calories1226 KJSeafood
Crumbed prawn - fried from frozen Calories1226 KJSeafood
Crumbed prawn - fried, homemade Calories1075 KJSeafood
Crumbed scallop - fried Calories576 KJSeafood
Crumbed scallop - fried, homemade Calories973 KJSeafood
Crumbed shark - fried Calories748 KJFish
Crumbed shark - fried, homemade Calories689 KJFish
Crumbed snapper - fried Calories840 KJFish
Crumbed snapper - fried, homemade Calories991 KJFish
Crumbed trevally - fried, homemade Calories1009 KJFish
Crumbed trumpeter - fried, homemade Calories974 KJFish
Crumbed whiting - baked from frozen Calories972 KJFish
Crumbed whiting - fried Calories568 KJFish
Crumbed whiting - fried, homemade Calories830 KJFish
Crystallised ginger Calories1328 KJPreserves
Cucumber Calories44 KJVegetable
Cucumber relish Calories316 KJPickle
Cucumber salad - made with cucumber in vinegar Calories62 KJVegetable
Cup ice cream - vanilla, chocolate swirl Calories780 KJIce cream
Cupcake cake - chocolate, cream-filled, iced Calories1445 KJcake
Cupcake cake - plain/flav, cream-filled, iced Calories1492 KJcake
Cupcake cake - plain/flav, cream-filled, uniced Calories1411 KJcake
Curried egg - sandwich filling Calories739 KJEgg
Curry paste Calories503 KJSpices
Curry powder Calories1246 KJSpices
Curry sauce - asian Calories595 KJSauce
Curry sauce - dry mix, with added water Calories421 KJSauce
Curry simmer sauce Calories421 KJSauce
Curry simmer sauce - indian style Calories615 KJSauce
Custard Calories434 KJDairy
Custard & fruit pie - bottom crust, family size size Calories750 KJPie
Custard & fruit pie - bottom crust, individual Calories713 KJPie
Custard apple Calories308 KJFruit
Custard filled doughnut - yeast type Calories1432 KJBatters
Custard or cream filled choux pastry - iced Calories1272 KJPastries
Custard or cream filled choux pastry - uniced Calories1224 KJPastries
Custard pie - bottom crust, family size Calories802 KJPie
Custard pie - bottom crust, individual size Calories689 KJPie
Custard style infant yoghurt Calories391 KJBaby Food
Custard/cream/jam pastry slice puff top and bottom Calories1239 KJPastries
Cyclamate & saccharin artificial sweetener Calories678 KJsweeteners
D'lite yoghurt Calories400 KJYoghurt
Daiquiri cocktail Calories695 KJAlcohol
Dairy blend - reduced salt, With canola oil Calories2807 KJButter
dairy blend With sunflower oil Calories2855 KJButter
Dairy blend/blend spread Calories2623 KJButter
Damper bread Calories1004 KJBread
Damper bread - toasted Calories1141 KJBread
Damper bread roll Calories1197 KJBread
Danish pastry - With custard & fruit Calories1296 KJPastries
Danish pastry - With custard & nuts Calories1735 KJPastries
Dark chocolate - fondant-filled Calories1728 KJConfectionery
Dark chocolate - with nougat, honey and almond Calories2161 KJConfectionery
Date Calories541 KJFruit
Date cake - uniced Calories1452 KJcake
Date cake - uniced, homemade Calories1153 KJcake
Deep fried chicken patty Calories903 KJChicken
Dehydrated onion Calories1378 KJVegetable
Deli carve turkey Calories600 KJTurkey
Desiccated coconut flesh or meat Calories2633 KJNuts
Dessert crepe - with rich sauce Calories1153 KJBatters
Dessert pizza - with fruit & crumble Calories1036 KJPizza
Devilled chicken - spread or paste Calories896 KJMeat
Devilled ham - spread or paste Calories932 KJMeat
Dill cucumber pickle Calories30 KJPickle
Diluted cordial Calories152 KJCordial
Dolmino pizza Calories1216 KJPizza
Domestic fat - used Calories3079 KJOil
Domestic fat - used . Calories3082 KJOil
Domestic spread - used Calories2927 KJOil
Doughnut Calories1590 KJBatters
Dried apple Calories1033 KJFruit
Dried apple - stewed, sugar-sweetened Calories353 KJFruit
Dried apricot Calories823 KJFruit
Dried apricot - stewed, artificially sweetened Calories183 KJFruit
Dried apricot - stewed, sugar-sweetened Calories321 KJFruit
Dried apricot - stewed, unsweetened Calories183 KJFruit
Dried banana Calories1194 KJFruit
Dried breadcrumbs Calories1487 KJBread
Dried currant Calories1126 KJFruit
Dried date Calories1136 KJFruit
Dried fig Calories973 KJFruit
Dried fish Calories1703 KJFish
Dried fruit - not cooked Calories1083 KJFruit
Dried fruit medley Calories1053 KJFruit
Dried fruit medley - stewed, sugar-sweetened Calories357 KJFruit
Dried fruit medley - stewed, unsweetened Calories234 KJFruit
Dried mango Calories1172 KJFruit
Dried nectarine Calories862 KJFruit
Dried peach Calories795 KJFruit
Dried peach - stewed, sugar-sweetened Calories305 KJFruit
Dried pear Calories988 KJFruit
Dried pineapple Calories1101 KJFruit
Dried seaweed Calories356 KJVegetable
Drumstick chicken Calories843 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - baked or roast Calories833 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - baked or roast, with skin Calories931 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - baked or roast, without skin Calories713 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - grilled or bbq, with skin Calories1025 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - grilled or bbq, without skin Calories724 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - no coating, fried Calories933 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - no coating, fried, with skin Calories1056 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - raw Calories632 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - raw, with skin Calories702 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - raw, without skin Calories547 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - smoked, with skin Calories931 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - stewed or braised Calories811 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - stewed or braised, with skin Calories907 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - with skin Calories987 KJChicken
Drumstick chicken - without skin Calories726 KJChicken
Dry baked potato - with skin unpeeled Calories285 KJVegetable
Dry baked potato - without skin Calories308 KJVegetable
Dry baked pumpkin Calories65 KJVegetable
Dry baked sweet potato Calories357 KJVegetable
Dry bean - cooked Calories425 KJLegume
Dry beef curry - indian or asian style Calories723 KJBeef
Dry bev - unfortified, art. sweetened Calories1337 KJbeverage
Dry biscuit mix Calories1727 KJBiscuit
Dry casserole base mix beef stew in cream sauce Calories509 KJBeef
Dry chicken curry Calories997 KJChicken
Dry chickpea - cooked Calories523 KJLegume
Dry chickpea - cooked, fat added Calories587 KJLegume
Dry cowpea - cooked Calories385 KJLegume
Dry cowpea - cooked, fat added Calories451 KJLegume
Dry custard powder Calories1445 KJPowders
Dry gelatine Calories1457 KJSpices
Dry lamb curry Calories859 KJLamb
Dry lasagne sheets Calories1398 KJPasta
Dry lentil Calories1084 KJLegume
Dry lentil - cooked Calories292 KJLegume
Dry lentil - cooked, fat added Calories358 KJLegume
Dry mix cheesecake filling Calories1926 KJDairy
Dry mix coffee - sweet whitened Calories77 KJbeverage
Dry mix falafel chickpea patty Calories1231 KJLegume
Dry mix gravy powder Calories1106 KJPowders
Dry mix pasta & sauce - cheese-based, cooked Calories647 KJPasta
Dry mix pasta & sauce - cream-based, cooked Calories533 KJPasta
Dry mix pasta & sauce - tomato-based, cooked Calories467 KJPasta
Dry mix pasta & sauce - vegetable-based, cooked Calories548 KJPasta
Dry mix potato in sauce Calories1491 KJVegetable
Dry mix potato in sauce - made with milk & fat Calories608 KJVegetable
Dry pasta Calories1398 KJPasta
Dry powder cereal beverage Calories1483 KJbeverage
Dry recipe mix Calories1522 KJPowders
Dry roasted almond Calories2441 KJNuts
Dry roasted almond - unsalted Calories2491 KJNuts
Dry roasted cashew Calories2424 KJNuts
Dry roasted hazelnut - unsalted Calories2650 KJNuts
Dry roasted peanut - salted Calories2334 KJNuts
Dry roasted peanut - unsalted Calories2334 KJNuts
Dry rock cake mix Calories1506 KJBuns scones mixes
Dry sago Calories1452 KJGrain
Dry sauce mix beef mince stew in tom-base sauce Calories606 KJBeef
Dry scone mix Calories1527 KJBuns scones mixes
Dry sherry Calories437 KJWine
Dry tapioca Calories1467 KJGrain
Duck Calories1090 KJChicken
Duck egg - cooked Calories742 KJEgg
Duck in plum sauce Calories973 KJMeat
Duck with Skin Calories1303 KJChicken
duck Without skin Calories769 KJChicken
Edam cheese Calories1487 KJCheese
Edam cheese - reduced fat Calories1296 KJCheese
Egg & cheese pastry roll - individual size Calories1215 KJPastries
Egg & lemon avgolemono soup Calories197 KJSoup
Egg and bacon pie - two crusts, family size Calories1524 KJPie
Egg and bacon pie - two crusts, individual size Calories1483 KJPie
Egg custard - baked Calories400 KJDairy
Egg custard - boiled Calories403 KJDairy
Egg custard - dry mix Calories1641 KJDairy
Egg custard - solid, dry mix, with added milk Calories398 KJDairy
Egg custard fill pie - bottom crust, patty size Calories1277 KJPie
Egg custard infant dessert Calories328 KJBaby Food
Egg drop soup Calories139 KJSoup
Egg noodle - asian, cooked, fat added Calories615 KJNoodle
Egg noodle - asian, dry Calories1477 KJNoodle
Egg noodle - asian, fresh, uncooked Calories1085 KJNoodle
Egg noodle - asian, fried Calories942 KJNoodle
Egg pasta Calories550 KJPasta
Egg pasta - cooked Calories550 KJPasta
Egg pasta - cooked, fat added Calories615 KJPasta
Egg pasta - dry Calories1477 KJPasta
Egg pasta - spinach, cooked Calories548 KJPasta
Egg pasta - spinach, cooked, fat added Calories614 KJPasta
Egg sandwich Calories1146 KJSandwiches
Eggplant Calories73 KJVegetable
Eggplant dip Calories134 KJVegetable
Enchilada - no beans, With beef & cheese Calories1036 KJPastries
Enchilada - With chicken & tomato based sauce Calories887 KJPastries
Endive Calories41 KJVegetable
English muffin Calories840 KJMuffins
English muffin - cheese & bacon, toasted Calories944 KJMuffins
English muffin - mixed grain, toasted Calories923 KJMuffins
English muffin - oat bran, toasted Calories997 KJMuffins
English muffin - toasted Calories934 KJMuffins
English muffin - wheat bran, toasted Calories877 KJMuffins
English muffin - wholemeal, toasted Calories877 KJMuffins
English muffin - with fruit Calories823 KJMuffins
English muffin - with fruit, toasted Calories885 KJMuffins
English spinach Calories63 KJVegetable
English spinach - cooked, fat added Calories147 KJVegetable
English spinach - cooked, fat not added Calories78 KJVegetable
English spinach - cooked, frozen Calories90 KJVegetable
English spinach - cooked,fat not added Calories81 KJVegetable
Ereal cereal bisc - nut, med sug, b vits, iron Calories1514 KJcereal
Ereal cereal flake - bran, fruit, hi sug, folate Calories1431 KJcereal
Ereal cereal flake - med sug, b vits, folate Calories1592 KJcereal
Ereal cereal flake - med sug, b vits, iron Calories1541 KJcereal
Ereal flour cereal formed - hi sug Calories1574 KJcereal
Ereal flours cereal formed - cocoa Calories1628 KJcereal
Evaporated milk - undiluted Calories510 KJMilk
Evaporated milk - whole, undiluted Calories600 KJMilk
Evia yoghurt Calories593 KJYoghurt
Excluding liver giblets - cooked Calories653 KJOffal
Extruded rice bran Calories1447 KJRice
F lamb curry in simmer curry sauce Calories896 KJLamb
Falafel -Made from dry mix Calories1056 KJLegume
Farmers yoghurt Calories311 KJYoghurt
Fat modified cheese - reduced cholesterol Calories1401 KJCheese
Fat trimmed beef Calories753 KJBeef
Fat trimmed lamb Calories899 KJLamb
Fat trimmed pork Calories752 KJPork
Fat trimmed veal Calories672 KJVeal
Feijoa Calories154 KJFruit
Fennel Calories78 KJVegetable
Fermented milk drink Calories299 KJMilk
Feta cheese Calories1176 KJCheese
Feta cheese - low salt Calories1578 KJCheese
Feta cheese - reduced fat Calories979 KJCheese
Filled cannelloni Calories532 KJPasta
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