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Food CaloriesType
Filled cone ice cream - chocolate and nut-topped Calories1122 KJIce cream
Filled cone ice cream - other flavs, chocolate Calories1122 KJIce cream
Filled pasta - cooked, no sauce Calories609 KJPasta
Filled pizza pocket or bun Calories1026 KJPizza
Fillet pork Calories641 KJPork
Fillet pork - fried Calories625 KJPork
Fillet pork - grilled or bbq or baked or roast Calories658 KJPork
Fillet pork - raw Calories459 KJPork
Fillo pastry - custard filling, soaked in syrup Calories883 KJPastries
Fillo pastry - nut-based filling, soaked in syrup Calories1548 KJPastries
Fillo pastry - raw Calories1196 KJPastries
Fish chowder - homemade Calories561 KJSoup
Fish in asian style simmer sauce Calories539 KJFish
Fish in black bean sauce Calories540 KJFish
Fish in cream based simmer sauce Calories690 KJFish
Fish in cream-based sauce from basic ingredients Calories801 KJFish
Fish in lemon sauce Calories505 KJFish
Fish in sweet sour sauce from basic ingredients Calories488 KJFish
Fish in white sauce from basic ingredients Calories597 KJFish
Fish lasagne - reduced fat Calories413 KJLasagne
Fish paste or spread Calories644 KJFish
Fish pate Calories989 KJFish
Fish quiche - no crust Calories832 KJPastries
Fish roe - black, in spiced brine, drained Calories388 KJFish
Fish roe - red, in spiced brine, drained Calories634 KJFish
Fish sauce - asian Calories204 KJSauce
Fish stock - concentrated liquid Calories37 KJGravy
Fish with rice in cream sauce, frozen meal Calories479 KJFish
Flat bread - white Calories1149 KJBread
Flat bread - white, reduced salt Calories1149 KJBread
Flat bread - white, toasted Calories1385 KJBread
Flat bread - wholemeal Calories1059 KJBread
Flat bread - wholemeal, toasted Calories1276 KJBread
Flavoured peanut Calories2633 KJNuts
Flavoured rice & pasta Calories537 KJRice
Flavoured rice & pasta - dry mix, Calories1464 KJRice
Flavoured rice - cheese based, dry mix Calories1537 KJRice
Flavoured rice - cheese-based Calories711 KJRice
Flavoured rice - meat-based, dry mix Calories1440 KJRice
Flavoured rice - meat-based, made as directed Calories543 KJRice
Flavoured rice - vegetable based, dry mix Calories1457 KJRice
Flavoured rice - vegetable- & nut-based, dry mix Calories1509 KJRice
Flavoured topping - not chocolate or coffee Calories750 KJPreserves
Flesh or meat coconut Calories1126 KJNuts
Floured barramundi - fried Calories796 KJFish
Floured bream - fried Calories989 KJFish
Floured cod - fried Calories709 KJFish
Floured dory - fried Calories745 KJFish
Floured fish - fried Calories824 KJFish
Floured flathead - fried Calories789 KJFish
Floured flounder - fried Calories738 KJFish
Floured garfish - fried Calories788 KJFish
Floured gemfish - fried Calories1017 KJFish
Floured hake - fried Calories724 KJFish
Floured kingfish - fried Calories960 KJFish
Floured leatherjacket - fried Calories730 KJFish
Floured ling - fried Calories746 KJFish
Floured liver - fried Calories1303 KJOffal
Floured mullet - fried Calories1031 KJFish
Floured redfish - fried Calories800 KJFish
Floured salmon - fried Calories983 KJFish
Floured shark - fried Calories849 KJFish
Floured snapper - fried Calories921 KJFish
Floured sole - fried Calories754 KJFish
Floured tailor - fried Calories963 KJFish
Floured trevally - fried Calories860 KJFish
Floured trout - fried Calories838 KJFish
Floured tuna - fried from raw Calories1060 KJFish
Floured veal steak - fried Calories693 KJVeal
Floured whitebait - fried Calories1192 KJFish
Floured whiting - fried Calories752 KJFish
Fluid buttermilk - cultured Calories243 KJMilk
Fluid milk Calories253 KJMilk
Fluid milk - cultured, skim or nonfat Calories176 KJMilk
Fluid milk - evaporated, reconstituted Calories188 KJMilk
Fluid milk - evaporated, whole, reconstituted Calories247 KJMilk
Fluid milk - fat Calories197 KJMilk
Fluid milk - powder, reconstituted Calories214 KJMilk
Fluid milk - powder, whole, reconstituted Calories276 KJMilk
Fluid milk - reduced fat Calories205 KJMilk
Fluid milk - reduced fat, added mono Calories218 KJMilk
Fluid milk - skim or nonfat Calories146 KJMilk
Fluid milk - whole Calories273 KJMilk
Fluid milk - whole, high fat Calories309 KJMilk
Fluid milk - whole, lactose reduced Calories273 KJMilk
Fluid soy beverage - fortified, chocolate Calories288 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - fortified, other flavours Calories288 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - fortified, unflavoured Calories261 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - low fat, fortified Calories176 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - low fat, unfortified Calories111 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - unfortified, other flavours Calories243 KJLegume
Fluid soy beverage - unfortified, unflavoured Calories165 KJLegume
Fluid supp milk drink - low fat Calories201 KJMilk
Fluid supplemented milk drink - whole Calories295 KJMilk
Fondant icing Calories1405 KJSugars
Forequarter chop lamb Calories1107 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - fat trimmed Calories966 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - fried, fat trimmed Calories1006 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - fried, lean & fat Calories1396 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - grilled or bbq Calories1098 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - raw, fat trimmed Calories556 KJLamb
Forequarter chop lamb - stewed/braised Calories1011 KJLamb
Fort choc milk drink - rtd Calories314 KJMilk
Fortified beverage flavour powder or mix Calories1559 KJbeverage
Fortified wine - dry Calories517 KJWine
Fortified wine - sweet, dessert Calories641 KJWine
Fortune cookie Calories1889 KJBiscuit
Fr basic beef sausage stew in tomato-based sauce Calories995 KJBeef
Fr basic ingredi meat mince in tomato-based sauce Calories595 KJMeat
Fr coffee and milk concentrate coffee-and-milk Calories126 KJbeverage
French dressing Calories1106 KJSalad dressing
French dressing - fat free Calories336 KJSalad dressing
French dressing - with olive oil Calories1106 KJSalad dressing
Fresh breadcrumbs - white Calories1547 KJBread
Fresh fruit salad - non tropical Calories169 KJFruit
Fresh fruit salad - tropical Calories193 KJFruit
Fresh herring - raw Calories794 KJFish
Fresh mackerel - raw Calories545 KJFish
Fresh seafood marinara - cooked, no sauce Calories545 KJSeafood
Fried calamari Calories524 KJSeafood
Fried chicken cordon bleu Calories1273 KJChicken
Fried chicken kiev Calories1459 KJChicken
Fried eggplant Calories338 KJVegetable
Fried falafel chickpea patty Calories1012 KJLegume
Fried fish cake or patty - homemade Calories891 KJFish
Fried fish finger Calories981 KJFish
Fried ham croquette Calories935 KJMeat
Fried lamb Calories955 KJLamb
Fried lamb - fat trimmed Calories955 KJLamb
Fried lamb - lean & fat Calories1433 KJLamb
Fried lentil burger Calories907 KJLegume
Fried liver and onions Calories1050 KJOffal
Fried mushroom Calories599 KJVegetable
Fried pappadam Calories1419 KJLegume
Fried pork Calories895 KJPork
Fried pork - fat trimmed Calories785 KJPork
Fried pork - lean & fat Calories893 KJPork
Fried potato & vegetable patty Calories393 KJVegetable
Fried potato patty Calories674 KJVegetable
Fried prawn Calories612 KJSeafood
Fried rabbit Calories775 KJMeat
Fried rice - with meat or chicken & vegetables Calories918 KJRice
Fried rice - with vegetables, no meat Calories913 KJRice
Fried rice - with vegetables, no meat, homemade Calories618 KJRice
Fried salmon cake or patty Calories868 KJFish
Fried sausage Calories1027 KJSausage
Fried scallop Calories446 KJSeafood
Fried sweet potato Calories627 KJVegetable
Fried tomato Calories142 KJVegetable
Fried tuna & potato patty Calories951 KJFish
Fried tuna cake or patty Calories1701 KJFish
Fried veal steakly crumbed Calories1922 KJVeal
Fried vegetable patty Calories1019 KJVegetable
Fried venison steak Calories729 KJMeat
From beef or veal stew gravy Calories319 KJGravy
From beef stew tomato-based sauce Calories362 KJSauce
From beef/veal stew white sauce Calories793 KJSauce
From chicken stew gravy Calories261 KJGravy
From chicken stew sweet & sour sauce Calories540 KJSauce
From lamb stew gravy Calories319 KJGravy
From lamb stew tomato-based sauce Calories362 KJSauce
From pork stew gravy Calories319 KJGravy
From scone dough bun - with fruit, iced, homemade Calories1486 KJBuns scones mixes
Frozen blackberry - unsweetened Calories162 KJFruit
Frozen blueberry - unsweetened Calories205 KJFruit
Frozen cauliflower & cheese bake - grilled/baked Calories217 KJVegetable
Frozen fish finger - uncooked Calories853 KJFish
Frozen fish stick Calories379 KJFish
Frozen fish stick - fried Calories619 KJFish
Frozen fruche - fruit flavour Calories262 KJIce cream
Frozen potato in cheese & chives sauce - cooked Calories364 KJVegetable
Frozen raspberry - unsweetened Calories154 KJFruit
Frozen strawberry - unsweetened Calories81 KJFruit
Frozen yoghurt - soft serve Calories690 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - soft serve, fruit flavour Calories715 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - soft serve, reduced fat Calories504 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - soft serve, reduced fat, vanilla Calories504 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - soft serve, vanilla Calories660 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - stick/bar, fruit flavour Calories632 KJIce cream
Frozen yoghurt - tub, fruit flavour Calories715 KJIce cream
Fruit Calories218 KJFruit
Fruit & fibre biscuit Calories1960 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - homemade Calories2087 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - polyunsaturated, wholemeal Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut biscuit - wholemeal Calories1809 KJBiscuit
Fruit & nut cake - iced, homemade Calories1528 KJcake
Fruit & nut cake - iced, wholemeal, homemade Calories1627 KJcake
Fruit & nut cake - uniced Calories1471 KJcake
Fruit & nut cake - uniced, homemade Calories1557 KJcake
Fruit & nut cake - uniced, wholemeal, homemade Calories1731 KJcake
Fruit & nut slice - rich Calories1933 KJPastries
Fruit & nut yoghurt Calories747 KJYoghurt
Fruit based bar Calories1327 KJConfectionery
Fruit based bar - carob-coated Calories1570 KJConfectionery
Fruit based bar - with biscuit coating Calories1416 KJConfectionery
Fruit based bar - with yoghurt Calories1343 KJConfectionery
Fruit biscuit Calories1960 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - chocolate-dipped, one side Calories1903 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - homemade Calories1614 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - iced Calories2060 KJBiscuit
Fruit biscuit - polyunsaturated, wholemeal Calories1578 KJBiscuit
Fruit blend juice - four or more juices, all flav Calories160 KJJuice
Fruit bread Calories1146 KJRoll
Fruit bread - continental Calories1142 KJRoll
Fruit bread - mixed grain Calories1141 KJRoll
Fruit bread - toasted Calories1381 KJRoll
Fruit cake - boiled, homemade Calories1248 KJcake
Fruit cake - rich, iced Calories1466 KJcake
Fruit cake - rich, iced, homemade Calories1587 KJcake
Fruit cake - rich, uniced Calories1397 KJcake
Fruit cake - rich, uniced, homemade Calories1583 KJcake
Fruit cheese Calories1236 KJCheese
Fruit chutney Calories738 KJPickle
Fruit chutney - artificially sweetened Calories677 KJPickle
Fruit croissant Calories1601 KJPastries
Fruit crumble Calories1256 KJFruit
Fruit crumble - homemade Calories544 KJFruit
Fruit custard infant dessert - strained or junior Calories304 KJBaby Food
Fruit drink Calories162 KJCordial
Fruit filled bar - with cereal coating Calories1958 KJConfectionery
Fruit filled biscuit Calories1578 KJBiscuit
Fruit filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1903 KJBiscuit
Fruit filled pie - two crusts, family size Calories1074 KJPie
Fruit filled pie - two crusts, individual size Calories985 KJPie
Fruit flavours infant yoghurt Calories407 KJBaby Food
Fruit flavours mineral water Calories168 KJWater
Fruit flavours soft drink Calories201 KJSoft Drink
Fruit fromage frais Calories514 KJDairy
Fruit ice shel stick/bar vanilla ice cream-filled Calories517 KJIce cream
Fruit juice Calories149 KJJuice
Fruit mince Calories983 KJFruit
Fruit mince filled pie - bottom crust, patty size Calories1558 KJPie
Fruit mince pie - two crusts, individual size Calories1416 KJPie
Fruit pie - bottom crust, family size Calories767 KJPie
Fruit scone Calories1352 KJBuns scones mixes
Fruit topped cheesecake - biscuit crumb crust Calories1270 KJDairy
Fruit topped muesli bar Calories1539 KJConfectionery
Fruit yoghurt Calories336 KJYoghurt
Fudge & caramel bar - with rice crisp Calories2171 KJConfectionery
Garlic Calories442 KJVegetable
Garlic bread - cheese-topped, white Calories1393 KJRoll
Garlic bread - white Calories1410 KJRoll
Garlic butter Calories2658 KJButter
Garlic prawn Calories808 KJSeafood
Garlic spread Calories2658 KJMargarine
Ghee Calories3719 KJButter
Gin Calories903 KJAlcohol
Gin & tonic cocktail Calories236 KJAlcohol
Ginger biscuit Calories1719 KJBiscuit
Ginger soft drink - creamy soda, other non-fruit Calories2 KJSoft Drink
Gingerbread Calories1388 KJPastries
Glace apricot Calories1067 KJPreserves
Glace cherry Calories1095 KJPreserves
Glace icing - chocolate-flavoured, no added fat Calories1359 KJSugars
Glace icing - coffee, no added fat Calories1367 KJSugars
Glace pineapple Calories1068 KJPreserves
Globe artichoke - cooked Calories89 KJVegetable
Globe artichoke - cooked, fat added Calories163 KJVegetable
Gloucester cheese Calories1698 KJCheese
Glucose powder Calories1644 KJSugars
Glucose syrup Calories1292 KJSugars
Gluten flour Calories1487 KJPowders
Gluten free bread Calories1167 KJBread
Gluten free bread - toasted Calories1405 KJBread
Goat cheese Calories827 KJCheese
Goats milk - fluid, whole Calories208 KJMilk
Golden syrup Calories1206 KJSugars
Golden syrup dumpling - homemade Calories882 KJBuns scones mixes
Gouda cheese Calories1598 KJCheese
Gouda cheese - reduced fat Calories1361 KJCheese
Granita & gelati sorbet Calories540 KJSugars
Granita & gelati sorbet - homemade Calories339 KJSugars
Grape Calories261 KJFruit
Grape fruit drink Calories237 KJCordial
Grape juice Calories223 KJJuice
Grapefruit Calories112 KJFruit
Grapefruit juice Calories134 KJJuice
Grapefruit juice - unsweetened Calories120 KJJuice
Grapeseed oil Calories3719 KJOil
Gravy Calories108 KJGravy
Green apple - peeled Calories178 KJFruit
Green apple - unpeeled Calories185 KJFruit
Green bean Calories87 KJVegetable
Green bean - cooked Calories75 KJVegetable
Green bean - cooked, canned Calories102 KJVegetable
Green bean - cooked, fat added Calories161 KJVegetable
Green bean - cooked, frozen Calories78 KJVegetable
Green bean - cooked, frozen, fat added Calories183 KJVegetable
Green bean - pickled Calories827 KJPickle
Green cabbage Calories72 KJVegetable
Green cabbage - cooked Calories65 KJVegetable
Green cabbage - cooked, fat added Calories156 KJVegetable
Green capsicum Calories67 KJVegetable
Green capsicum - cooked or canned Calories75 KJVegetable
Green ginger wine Calories366 KJWine
Green grape - no seeds Calories258 KJFruit
Green grape - with seeds Calories254 KJFruit
Green olive - pickled, in brine Calories426 KJPickle
Green olive - pickled, in oil Calories544 KJPickle
Green olive - stuffed Calories366 KJPickle
Green pea Calories277 KJVegetable
Green pea - canned Calories308 KJVegetable
Green pea - canned, fat added Calories377 KJVegetable
Green pea - canned, no added salt Calories308 KJVegetable
Green pea - canned, no added salt, fat added Calories377 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked Calories222 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked, fat added Calories298 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked, freeze dried, fat added Calories300 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked, freeze dried, fat not added Calories207 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked, frozen Calories247 KJVegetable
Green pea - cooked, frozen, fat added Calories326 KJVegetable
Green pear - peeled Calories219 KJFruit
Green pear - unpeeled Calories212 KJFruit
Grenadine syrup Calories744 KJSugars
Grilled cheese on toast Calories1582 KJSandwiche
Grilled fish cake or patty Calories570 KJFish
Grilled lentil burger Calories706 KJLegume
Grilled or baked fish finger Calories945 KJFish
Grilled or baked pomme noisette Calories1584 KJVegetable
Grilled or baked potato & vegetable patty Calories975 KJVegetable
Grilled or baked vegetable finger - frozen Calories846 KJVegetable
Grilled or bbq chicken Calories924 KJChicken
Grilled or bbq chicken - with skin Calories1044 KJChicken
Grilled or bbq chicken - without skin Calories797 KJChicken
Grilled or bbq pork Calories859 KJPork
Grilled or bbq pork - fat trimmed Calories744 KJPork
Grilled or bbq pork - lean & fat Calories894 KJPork
Grilled or bbq sausage Calories1096 KJSausage
Grilled or bbq venison steak Calories667 KJMeat
Grilled tomato Calories64 KJVegetable
Grilled/bbq lamb Calories909 KJLamb
Grilled/bbq lamb - fat trimmed Calories909 KJLamb
Ground rice Calories1386 KJPowders
Guacamole Calories1052 KJVegetable
Guava Calories102 KJFruit
Guava nectar fruit drink Calories236 KJCordial
Haloumy cheese Calories1025 KJCheese
Ham Calories442 KJHam
Ham & cheese filled croissant Calories1413 KJPastries
Ham & cheese filled pasta - cooked, no sauce Calories730 KJPasta
Hard bread stick Calories1552 KJBread
Haricot bean - dry Calories1047 KJLegume
Haricot bean - dry, cooked, fat added Calories454 KJLegume
Harris farm yoghurt Calories573 KJYoghurt
Hash brown potato Calories946 KJVegetable
Hash brown potato - fried Calories693 KJVegetable
Hash brown potato - frozen, fried or baked Calories1452 KJVegetable
Havarti cheese Calories1698 KJCheese
Hazelnut & chocolate flavoured spread Calories2259 KJPreserves
Heart Calories850 KJOffal
Heart - stewed or braised Calories850 KJOffal
Heated in toaster pastry slice - choc-flavour Calories1834 KJPastries
Heated in toaster pastry slice - fruit-flavour Calories1771 KJPastries
Herb & garlic focaccia Calories1041 KJRoll
Herb bread - white Calories1004 KJRoll
High fat extra creamy yoghurt - fruit Calories643 KJYoghurt
High fat extra creamy yoghurt - plain Calories516 KJYoghurt
High protein oral supplement - chocolate flavour Calories388 KJMilk
High ptn & sports supplement powder Calories1438 KJbeverage
Hoisin sauce Calories846 KJSauce
Hollandaise sauce Calories1802 KJSauce
Home brand cheese Calories1668 KJCheese
Home brewed beer Calories155 KJBeer
Home crumbed chicken - fried, with skin&coat Calories1482 KJChicken
Home crumbed veal steak - fried Calories1479 KJVeal
Homemade apple sponge Calories686 KJcake
Homemade bread Calories1014 KJBread
Homemade bread - toasted Calories1222 KJBread
Homemade cauliflower in cheese sauce Calories499 KJVegetable
Homemade cauliflower in white sauce Calories383 KJVegetable
Homemade chicken cordon bleu - fried Calories1204 KJChicken
Homemade chicken kiev - fried Calories1729 KJChicken
Homemade chicken parmigiana - fried or baked Calories622 KJChicken
Homemade chicken patty Calories717 KJChicken
Homemade corn fritter Calories526 KJVegetable
Homemade cornbread Calories1249 KJBread
Homemade creme caramel Calories864 KJDairy
Homemade gravy Calories435 KJGravy
Homemade hummus Calories948 KJLegume
Homemade lemon butter Calories1477 KJPreserves
Homemade onion in white sauce Calories351 KJVegetable
Homemade pikelet Calories1162 KJBatters
Homemade rock cake Calories1456 KJBuns scones mixes
Homemade veal cordon bleu Calories1144 KJVeal
Honey Calories1327 KJSugars
Honey joy - With corn flakes Calories1806 KJPastries
Honey roasted peanut Calories2542 KJNuts
Honey roasted walnut Calories2757 KJNuts
Honeycomb bar - milk chocolate-coated Calories1779 KJConfectionery
Honeydew melon Calories133 KJFruit
Horizon organic cheese Calories1182 KJCheese
Horseradish Calories258 KJVegetable
Horseradish cream Calories676 KJPickle
Horseradish sauce Calories537 KJSauce
Hot chili - thin Calories101 KJVegetable
Hot chili - thin, cooked Calories112 KJVegetable
Hot chili - thin, cooked, fat added Calories172 KJVegetable
Hot pepper - pickled Calories384 KJPickle
Hot pepper sauce Calories111 KJSauce
Hummus Calories950 KJLegume
Hundreds & thousands Calories1590 KJConfectionery
Ice cream Calories387 KJIce cream
Iced biscuit Calories1759 KJBiscuit
Iced doughnut - cake type Calories1789 KJBatters
Iced doughnut - cream-filled, yeast type Calories1581 KJBatters
Iced doughnut - yeast type Calories1789 KJBatters
Icing Calories1380 KJSugars
In asian style simmer sauce prawn stir fry Calories554 KJSeafood
In barbecue sauce pork spareribs Calories801 KJPork
In black bean sauce pork spareribs Calories616 KJPork
In black bean sauce prawn stir fry Calories488 KJSeafood
In cheese based sauce pasta Calories559 KJPasta
In cheese based sauce pasta - homemade Calories825 KJPasta
In cone marshmallow - with sherbet Calories1192 KJConfectionery
In cream based sauce pasta Calories559 KJPasta
In honey sauce prawn stir fry Calories1179 KJSeafood
In lemon sauce prawn stir fry Calories375 KJSeafood
In meat & tomato based sauce pasta Calories414 KJPasta
In meat & tomato based sauce pasta - homemade Calories640 KJPasta
In pesto sauce pasta Calories1376 KJPasta
In satay simmer sauce prawn stir fry Calories730 KJSeafood
In sweet sour simmer sauce prawn stir fry Calories605 KJSeafood
In tomato based sauce pasta Calories476 KJPasta
In tomato flavoured simmer sauce prawn with rice Calories463 KJSeafood
In tomato sauce pasta - canned Calories256 KJPasta
In tomato sauce pasta - reduced salt, canned Calories256 KJPasta
Indian style beef curry - in curry simmer sauce Calories856 KJBeef
Individual chocolate - with nut and cream centre Calories2268 KJConfectionery
Individual size sausage roll Calories1404 KJPastries
Infant fruit finger Calories1447 KJBaby Food
Infant gel Calories227 KJBaby Food
Instant coffee - decaffeinated, dry powder Calories385 KJCoffee
Instant coffee - dry powder Calories426 KJCoffee
Instant mashed potato - dry powder Calories1447 KJVegetable
Instant noodle - asian, plain or flav, cooked Calories154 KJNoodle
Instant oats - uncooked Calories1555 KJcereal
Instant stock powder Calories933 KJSpices
Italian dressing Calories1317 KJSalad dressing
Italian dressing - fat free Calories370 KJSalad dressing
Italian dressing - with olive oil Calories1317 KJSalad dressing
Jackfruit Calories325 KJFruit
Jalna yoghurt Calories351 KJYoghurt
Jam Calories1075 KJPreserves
Jam filled biscuit Calories1799 KJBiscuit
Jam filled biscuit - homemade Calories1726 KJBiscuit
Jam filled doughnut - sugar-coated, yeast type Calories1502 KJBatters
Jam filled pie - two crusts, family size Calories1527 KJPie
Jam pie - bottom crust, family size Calories1525 KJPie
Jam pie - bottom crust, individual size Calories1445 KJPie
Jam pie - bottom crust, patty size Calories1637 KJPie
Jarlsberg cheese Calories1465 KJCheese
Jelly crystals Calories1588 KJSugars
Jelly filled biscuit - chocolate-coated Calories1819 KJBiscuit
Jerusalem artichoke - cooked Calories245 KJVegetable
Jerusalem artichoke - cooked, fat added Calories340 KJVegetable
Junket - tablet, with added milk Calories265 KJDairy
Kasseri cheese Calories1525 KJCheese
Kefalograviera cheese Calories1525 KJCheese
Kidney - fried Calories1371 KJOffal
Kidney - raw Calories386 KJOffal
Kidney - stewed or braised Calories578 KJOffal
Kidney bean - seed only, cooked Calories513 KJVegetable
Kidney bean - seed only, cooked, fat added Calories581 KJVegetable
King prawn - cooked Calories448 KJSeafood
King prawn - fried Calories612 KJSeafood
King prawn - raw Calories373 KJSeafood
King prawn - steamed or boiled Calories438 KJSeafood
Kiss cake - chocolate, cream-filled Calories1570 KJcake
Kiss cake - plain/flavoured, cream-filled Calories1558 KJcake
Kraft cheese Calories1394 KJCheese
Kraft free cheese Calories651 KJCheese
Kraft peanut butter Calories2684 KJNuts
Kumquat Calories265 KJFruit
Lager beer Calories155 KJBeer
Lamb Calories1010 KJLamb
Lamb brains - boiled Calories568 KJOffal
Lamb brains - crumbed, fried Calories1494 KJOffal
Lamb in asian style sauce Calories773 KJLamb
Lamb liver Calories1004 KJOffal
Lamb liver - floured, fried Calories1274 KJOffal
Lamb liver - no coating, fried Calories1017 KJOffal
Lamb liver - raw Calories683 KJOffal
Lamb liver - stewed or braised Calories977 KJOffal
Lamb mince stew in gravy Calories578 KJLamb
Lamb mince stew in tomato-base sauce Calories599 KJLamb
Lamb patty - cooked, With vegetables Calories576 KJLamb
Lamb patty With onion Calories651 KJLamb
Lamb roast with potato & vegetables, frozen meal Calories431 KJLamb
Lamb sausage - fried Calories1226 KJSausage
Lamb sausage - grilled or bbq Calories1198 KJSausage
Lamb soup - broth, canned, ready to serve Calories59 KJSoup
Lamb stew in cream sauce Calories1242 KJLamb
Lamb stew in gravy Calories568 KJLamb
Lamb stew in tomato-based sauce Calories588 KJLamb
Lamb stew in white sauce Calories793 KJLamb
Lamb tongue - simmered Calories1166 KJOffal
Lamb with potato & vegetables, frozen meal Calories538 KJLamb
Lamington cake - cream-filled Calories1276 KJcake
Lamington cake - plain, no cream Calories1317 KJcake
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